Why Online Games Are Increasingly Being Used As a Marketing Strategy

The internet is without a doubt the world’s largest marketplace. Internet marketing has taken on many different forms. Marketers implemented email marketing campaigns, banner ads and all sorts of internet marketing strategies. One of the newest marketing strategies is based on gamification.

The number one reason why internet games are increasingly being used as a marketing strategy is because “Fun Sells”. One of the primary reasons why people jump on the internet is for entertainment. People watch videos, read stories, go to social networking sites, and most of all, play net games.

Social networking sites have played a large role in popularizing online gaming. People of all ages go to social networking sites not only to socialize with friends and family, but also to play online games as well. Facebook’s Farmville has millions of users all around the world and this is only one of hundreds of games available on Facebook.

Major brands around the world already implemented their own games for marketing purposes. More and more companies have taken on this strategy as well due to its proven effectiveness in attracting more potential clients.

Why is online gaming effective in marketing? The reason why online games are an effective marketing tool is because internet users have learned to look for “quality” content in the web pages that they access.

Quality content means content that will give them some form of satisfaction. Entertainment is quality content and games online are a very popular form of entertainment.

One benefit of using internet games as a marketing strategy is it increases brand awareness by increasing customer engagement. People have a tendency to spend a lot of time playing a game especially when there are rewards to be achieved.

People also have a need to be challenged, either by the game itself or by other players in the game. This “need” makes people visit the game more often, thus being exposed to the brand being marketed.

Games also have the ability to establish loyalty between the brand and the consumer. As consumers find more quality in the content that they receive, the more they tend to become loyal to the brand that they are often exposed to.

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